Christmas Inspiration

Inspiration for Christmas Decorations

It has been a crazy month, my dear readers. Besides the regular business activities, this month, my family and I are normally absorbed by the Christmas season. We try to introduce new decorations each year, and in order to make it more competitive and fun, once everything is decorated we vote on what has been out favorite and original idea. Of course, Santa brings a special gift for the one whose idea was voted the best. This year our topic was ‘Snowman’.

Below are several ideas, which I found worthwhile, while searching for inspiration, and they do not include only snowman inspired decorations, so please check them out.

Inside House Decoration

In a lack of snow- turn your door, refrigerator and plates into snowman


Snowman Tree



Snowman Wreath



OR turn your inner staircase in a penguin slide.


Although this one is not Snowman inspired, but it is equally fun, we made a modification of it)


Table Decorations

Classy, simple, and beautiful.


Basic, Simple, and beautiful.




Glittering, and shiny table


Hope you enjoy this special season time with your closest and dearest ones. Did you find some of these ideas inspiring? Please let me know below in comments, and please feel free to share your ideas, and what inspires you.