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05 Mar

Excellent goes more green

At Excellent Cleaners we use green, non-toxic and biodegradable products. And we don’t just say green because spring is coming and green is in fashion. For us green cleaning company means a constant search for the right products that are ECO friendly, help to make your house clean, use less water and let us do

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20 Jan

Welcome 2015!

Welcome 2015! The year ended with a hectic period. Keeping the balance between work, family, and leisure and hobby time, was quite exhausting at times. So, one of my New Years’ resolutions was to do less with more focus – and to do less, more or less. I am excited to see how that goes.

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23 Dec

Christmas Inspiration

Inspiration for Christmas Decorations It has been a crazy month, my dear readers. Besides the regular business activities, this month, my family and I are normally absorbed by the Christmas season. We try to introduce new decorations each year, and in order to make it more competitive and fun, once everything is decorated we vote

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30 Nov

Bathroom of the future ?

What do you think if this water-dream bathroom visions? More information on the project and the installation design can be found here. Enjoy the read!

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21 Nov

Give your home to a rustic feel

  These gorgeous cabanas were recently featured in the German AD magazine. The summer cottages are built in a rustic style and decorated in that same natural chic style. Responsible for the interior designer is Vera Iachia, who used mainly furniture and accessories made from natural materials. Unfortunately I don’t have any additional information besides

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